What You Can Do Today:

By Greg Jeffery

"I am only one person, what can I do?"

This is the question most commonly asked. We tend to think that all we have is one vote and that our vote cannot possibly make a difference, so why try.


Get a piece of paper and pencil right now. Don't wait until later or tell yourself you will do this tomorrow, get a pencil and paper NOW. Got them? Good.

Now, think about all the people you meet with and talk to throughout the course of your week and write their names down. Don't think about who they are -- just write down the names of everyone you interact with during the course of your week. Friends, family, coworkers, church members, gun club... write them ALL down.

Got everybody you can think of? Good.

Now. Run down the list and quickly mark a *+' sign next to those you think will support the passage of the referendum (support allowing honest Missourians to carry concealed firearms); put a *?' sign next to those you think are undecided; and put a *-' sign next to those you think are opposed to allowing CCW. Do this quickly and do not spend much time thinking about it -- use your gut level reaction.

Got a sign next to all the names on your list? Good.

Now, look at your list again. Is there anyone you left off? A brother in Jefferson City or a sister in St. Clair? Go back and think about anyone else you have contact with. Add them to the list and put an *+', *?' or *-' next to their names.

During the course of the next few weeks, ask everyone on your list the following question: *What do you think about allowing honest Missourians to get a license to carry a concealed firearm if they pass a background check?*

IF this is the first time you have discussed this issue with this individual, just ask the question above and listen to the response. Do NOT debate the issue. Just listen for now. Try to make a determination where they potentially stand on the issue.

[NOTE: If later on you wish to discuss the issue with any individual, do not argue or get upset. Ask them how they feel about the issue. Listen to them. Provide some facts than leave it alone. You can come back another day to provide more facts. Remember, the goal is to provide factual information and let them think about it.]

Listen carefully to their answers. Rate them with a *+', *-' or *?' Keep in mind that if an individual responds with: *I hadn't really thought about it but,....* they are probably undecided even if the rest of the response was negative. Use your judgement on how to appropriately *grade* their responses.

Have you asked everyone on your list the above question? Good. Now go back and make any necessary corrections to your list.

Now, total up the number of people on your list that have a *+' sign. Got the total? Good. Now total up the number of people on your list that have a *?' sign next to their name.

This is your sphere of influence. This list represents the people you have some ability to influence to vote with you on this issue. Keep a copy of the list. Do NOT loose this list.

The people with a *-' sign next to their name may not respond favorably to discussing the issue. You do not want to expend a lot of effort trying to *convert* them. Concentrate on the *+' and *?' people.

Periodically, come back to the list and review it. If you can think of anyone else, add them. Update the *grades* as well.

We will provide you with a list of talking points and other literature that you can give these people to help you get them more involved and positive towards CCW. We are here to help but we need your help too.

Sit down and make this list. Keep it updated and current. Talk to the *+' and *?' people and let them know how you feel. If you want, provide us with a copy of your list with the names, addresses and grades so we can contact them directly as well.

Now, take a good look at your list and remember this: You are more than one person. You are someone that others will listen too. All you need to do is have the patience and the courage to share your opinion.

Next Month: How to talk to your friends about CCW

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