By Greg Jeffery

On July 29th, Tanya Metaksa and others from NRA-ILA came to St. Louis. A crowd of over 450 people filled the room to overflowing. Attendees were given an update on the effort to pass the referendum on carrying concealed weapons next April.

Unless you've been living under a rock or just out of the state, you should be aware by now that history is in the making in Missouri. For the first time in our nation's history, the people of a state -- our state -- will have the chance to restore something taken from them years ago in 1875. We are talking about the ability to legally carry a concealed firearm for personal protection.

Since 1991, Missouri grass roots organizations have battled with our state legislators and our governor to pass a law allowing honest Missourians to carry concealed firearms. We met with many successes but ultimately could not beat the governor. Governor Mel Carnahan has single handedly preserved the safe working conditions for the violent criminals of Missouri by blocking our efforts year after year.

This past year, the NRA (whether you agree with holding a referendum on your right to carry or not) came in and kicked the ball -- breaking the stalemate. Our legislators were unwilling to put CCW on the governor's desk to see IF he really would veto it. So the NRA agreed to a referendum. This takes the ball out of the hands of the politicians. It takes the ball (and the veto pen) out of the hands of Mel Carnahan.

By supporting this referendum on this issue at this time, the NRA has given you the ability to control your own destiny. Success or failure will not occur because of what Governor Mel or this or that politician does. Success or failure now rests squarely on YOUR SHOULDERS AND YOUR WILLINGNESS TO GET ACTIVE AND INVOLVED. The NRA has given the ball to YOU. It is now up to you to win the game.

I know there is still some discontent out there about putting your rights up to a popular vote. I too do not agree that as a matter of policy such action is to be encouraged. However, the date has been set -- April 6, 1999 and the clock is ticking. The vote will occur, whether you or I like it or not. There is much to do between now and referendum day and success or failure will be determined by YOU.

If you want the ability to legally carry concealed; if you want to take a giant leap forward in the effort to recover some of your rights that have been stripped away through the years; THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. DO NOT LET YOURSELF DOWN. GET INVOLVED.

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