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16 July 2014

Contact: Kevin L. Jamison (816) 455-2669


“There is no blood in the streets,” says Kevin L. Jamison, President of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance (WMSA). “When concealed carry went into effect ten years ago we were told that it would result in ‘blood in the streets.’ It has not.”
To celebrate this fact the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance (WMSA) encourages gun owners to donate blood. 
“We know that blood donation centers ban guns,” said Jamison. “That is a conversation for another time. Donation is the best way to demonstrate that the only blood we spill is what we donate.”
Interested parties can find the nearest donation center at,(816)468-9813 or (800) 733-2767.

Kevin L. Jamison
2614 NE 56th Ter
Gladstone, MO. 64119-2311
(816) 455-2669
FAX (816) 413-0696


K. L. Jamison is a Missouri attorney and author of "Missouri Weapons and Self Defense Law".

For further information, visit our website at or send email to .

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