J.E. Dunn Construction Company

Dunn is a construction firm that is a subsidiary of The J.E. Dunn Group, a large privately held construction conglomerate headquartered in Kansas City. The CEO is Terrence P. Dunn.

They were a significant donor to the campaign to defeat proposition B.

J. E. Dunn Construction Company
929 Holmes
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: (816) 474-8600 Fax.- (816) 391-2510

Email: info@jedunn.com

Website: http://www.jedunn.com

J.E. Conn Construction company also has offices in Topeka, Denver, Colorado Springs, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Dallas and Austin.

Other companies owned by the J.E. Dunn Group are:

Some of their competitors, none of whom gave money to keep Missourians disarmed, are:

If you are aware of any municipal or commercial project on which JE Dunn may be bidding, make an effort to ensure that the decision makers are aware of J.E. Dunns position.

Please, please always be polite in all communications to J.E. Dunn or any other donor to defeat Prop. B. Click here for tips on communicating with businesses who opposed Prop. B.

For further information, see our website at www.moccw.org or send email to .

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