Medical Professionals on Prop. B

An Open Letter to the People of Missouri:

As medical professionals we spend every day of our professional lives looking after the well-being of Missourians. We are proud to be trusted providers of healthcare services to Missouri families.

We are sworn to protect the health of our patients. We would never be in favor of anything that would be a threat to the health or well-being of any Missourian.

Sadly, too many Missouri families know the pain of having a family member become the victim of violent crime. We see it in the emergency rooms and in our offices day after day. And right now, Missourians have no strong methods of self-defense against well-armed violent criminals

We support Proposition B, Missouri’s Right-to-Carry law. We have looked closely at the specifics of this law. We have listened to the arguments that both sides have made.

Proposition B does not pose a danger to Missourians. The bill has strict guidelines to assure that permits are only given to decent, law-abiding Missourians. The proposal calls for extensive background checks and firearms training.

And many violent attacks could be avoided with Proposition B. Prop B will make it so criminals will never know for sure who has the capability to fight back. With Prop B, law-abiding citizens will be able to protect themselves and their health and well-being.

Proposition B will work for Missouri and poses no safety threat to law-abiding Missourians. We believe in law-abiding Missourians. We know they will make Prop B work the way it is supposed to.

We are proud to have earned the trust of Missouri’s families. We are proud to have earned your respect. We are proud to invite you to join us in supporting Proposition B.


F. Anthony Thomas, MD, FAAD, Kansas City
Carol Tucker Rogers, RN, Columbia
Timothy Arrington, DMD - Florissant
Rochelle A. Marshal, RN - Blue Springs
Rory R. Marshall, RRT - Blue Springs
Larry Treen, LPN - Columbia
Chris Treen, LPN - Columbia
James Ottilini, MD - St. Louis
Gay Wilkinson, RT - Farmington
Opal Stout, LPN - Lee's Summit
Judy McGhee, RN - Hallsville
John Gragnani, MD, MPS - Wildwood
Ralph Leigh, MD - Ironton
Lynda Halpern, RN, NP - Chesterfield
Stanley Sakabu, MD, FACS (trauma surgeon) - Creve Coeur
Cindy Province, RN, MSN, Creve Coeur
Gamil Shaw, DMD - Ellisville
David Oliver, MD - Wildwood
Daniel N. Farrell, RN, Lee's Summit
Richard B. Curnow, MD, AAOS, Liberty
Matthew J. Miriani, DO - Vinita Park
Gary Muncy, MD - Chesterfield
Leo A. Whiteside, MD - Creve Coeur
Richard B. Curnow, MD, AAOS - Liberty
Bryan Troop, MD (trauma surgeon) - Creve Coeur
Dr. William P. Cravens,MD, Fulton
Gordon C. Rogers, RN, Columbia
Stephen R. Smith, MD - Chesterfield
Jack Land, MD (pediatrics) - Crystal City
Keith S. Krummenacher, MD - Richmond Heights
William Snidle, MD - Crystal City
Charles Freeman, MD - Crystal City
Steven Kurzweil, MD - Crystal City
M.L. Stock, D.C., D.A.B.C.O., Rolla, MO.
Donna S. Pfleging, RRT - St. Peters
Kimberly Jamison, MD - Columbia
Vickie L. Watkinson, LPN - Warrenton
Patrick Pater, RN - Bismarck
Donald L. Oetter, MD - Clayton
Jeff Kline, PhD - Columbia
Tom Obradovich, EMT -St. Charles
George Oliver, MD - Farmington
Paul Villmer, DDS - Potosi
Jared Billings, RN. Operating Room. Creve Coeur

James Merenda, MD, Spinal Surgeon, Creve Coeur
Kevin Dennis, Paramedic, Jefferson County, MO.
Dorothy Miriani, PhD, St. Joseph Missouri
George Rupprecht, DMD - Greendale
Jeanne Thornhill, LPN - Warrenton
James F. Weber, DO - Farmington

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