Missouri Union of Law Enforcement AFL-CIO IUPA Endorses Proposition B -
"Right-to-Carry" Referendum Proposition Will Fight Crime

Hazelwood, MO March 14, 1999: At a General Membership meeting held tonight (Monday, March 15, 1999) the Executive Board and membership of the Missouri Union of Law Enforcement AFL-CIO IUPA (MULE) voted to formally endorse the Right-to-Carry referendum, Proposition B, on the April 6th ballot.

Many MULE members, consisting of rank & file police officers, have been openly supporting Proposition B prior to this decision by the organization.

MULE believes that law-abiding citizens should have the right to protect themselves and their families. Despite what its opponents are saying, Proposition B is a good law and a stringent law.

43 other states trust their citizens enough to allow them to obtain concealed-carry permits, and these states' experience with concealed carry have been nothing like the horror stories being preached by opponents of this measure.

MULE is proud to join the overwhelming majority of working police officers who support Proposition B.

Russ Craven, President

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