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SPECIAL - 3/25/99

You Support Their Teams - They Oppose Your Rights!

Missouri's major sport teams cam out today in opposition to Proposition B - your Right To Carry ballot referendum. Far from letting the facts get in the way of their reasoning, the letter announcing the teams' opposition, led by Carl Peterson, Mike Herman, Mark Laming, and John Shaw, (the respective presidents of the Chiefs, Royals, Cardinals and Rams) notes concern over the safety of patrons and players if law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry firearms for self-defense in sports stadiums. However, like any business, sports stadiums are free to post signs prohibiting the carrying of firearms in to the complexes. While we acknowledge that these business owners have a right to dictate the rules at their facilities, they need to recognize that law-abiding Missourians deserve the right to defend themselves and their families.

Missouri has some of the most dedicated and loyal fans in the entire nation. Who will soon forget Mark McGwire's record-setting season last year? Yet, while the heads of the respective sports organizations willingly accept your money, they are unwilling to accept that you may choose to exercise your right to self-defense. Unfortunately, unlike millionaire team owners and players, most law-abiding Missourians can't afford private security details and don't live in exclusive, safe neighborhoods.

Before Messrs. Peterson, Herman, Lamping and Shaw jumped into the political fray, perhaps they should have done some independent research. Not only do all of these Missouri franchises play away games in stadiums where law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry firearms for self-defense, but Missouri's proposed Right To Carry law has stricter training, background check, and posting requirements than virtually all other states that fall into this category. What's more, incidents of law-abiding permit holders misusing their firearms in sports stadiums are virtually unheard of.


As a leader in our mutual campaign to pass "Proposition B", we are sending you this special FAX Alert, and ask that you contact the offices of the Chiefs, Royals, Cardinals and Rams, and let them know that you are a supporter of their team, but more important, that you support "Proposition B!" Be sure when contacting each organization you mention if you 're a season ticket holder, regular attendee at the games, or just simply a fan whose support for each respective franchise will be affected by their attacks on your right to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Kansas City Chiefs
(816) 924-3400
Kansas City Royals
Herk Robinson
General Manager, Exec. VP
(816) 921-8000
Fax 816-924-0347
St. Louis Cardinals
Walt Jocketty
General Manager
(314) 421-3060
Fax 314-425-0640
St. Louis Rams
(314) 982-7267

Also, be sure to pass this information along to your fellow Right To Carry supporters and football and baseball fans. Post this Alert at your local gun shop and range, and ask your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners to contact the Chiefs, Royals, Cardinals and Rams to note their support for Right To Carry, and to ask the teams to reconsider their opposition to "Proposition B."

Finally, we are only a little more then 10 days away from Election Day - April 6! Missourians Against Crime (MAC), the on-the-ground coalition working for passage of "Proposition B," needs your help. If you have even a couple of hours of free time to volunteer to this worthy cause between now and April 6, please call the MAC office nearest you.

(888) 865-2729
(816) 353-0695
(314) 839-6017

Please make your calls today and remember to vote "YES" ON "PROPOSITION B" ON APRIL 6!


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