Schnucks Markets

Schnuck Markets Inc. is a privately held chain of supermarkets in Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Misssissippi and Indiana.

Schnucks donated $25,000 to oppose Proposition B. Here is a link to the full disclosure document as filed by the Safe Schools and Workplaces committee. Warning, this is a very large pdf file. The Schnucks entry is recorded on the 59th page.

That Schnucks would use the money provided them by their customers to keep them disarmed and defenseless is an insult to all law abiding citizens, be they gun owners or not. Proposition B had a provision which allowed business owners to post their property against concealed carry.

In their canned response to complaints, Schnucks says:

"Our decision with regard to Proposition B is the result of careful consideration as to what we feel would be best for our customers. We hope you will appreciate that as we certainly don't want to lose customers when we feel we have their best interests at heart."

That statement virtually admits that they are not content to simply sell you groceries, they want to run your life as well.

Schnucks operates in six states, two of which (Illinois and Wisconsin) are the last two states left in the US which provide a guarantee to criminals that their victims will be defenseless. In Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, honest citizens with concealed carry permits shop in Schucks stores every day. As is the experience each of the other 37 states that have good concealed carry permit laws, the Schnucks customers in Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee are extremely safe and law abiding, and serve to make the shopping experience safer for all by putting an element of doubt in the criminals mind.

So be aware, Missouri gun owners, Schucks markets is a committed enemy to your right to keep and bear arms.

Be aware, Illinois gun owners, Schnucks markets will likely be an enemy of any effort for you to get the right to defend yourself effectively away from the home.

Be aware, Indiana, Mississippi and Tennessee gun owners, if your good concealed carry law ever comes under attack, you should not be surprised to find Schnucks Markets funding the effort to take that right away.

What to do?

If you are a Schnucks customer, you need to return your Schnucks Customer card. One way would be to cut it in half and mail it to Craig Schnuck along with a polite letter explaining that you will be shopping elsewhere. Another would be to visit your local Schnucks store, ask to see the manager, and hand them the card, explaining why you will not be back.

You can contact Schnucks in the following ways:


Schnuck Markets Inc
11420 Lackland Road,
St Louis, MO 63146
(314) 994-4400

An online consumer response form can be found at:

Please, please always be polite in all communications to Schnucks or any other donor to defeat Prop. B. Click here for tips on communicating with businesses who opposed Prop. B.

UPDATE: After Missouri eventually joined the ranks of the majority of states offering "shall issue" Concealed Carry permits, Schnucks immediately took advantage of an aspect of the law which allows businesses to ban CCW on their premises by posting signs to that effect. In June 2010, after 7 years of this misguided policy, Schucks has taken down the signs. This is a laudable decision.

However, Schucks has not yet expressed any regret at turning their profits against the rights of gun owners, nor stated they will not do so in the future. So it is logical for gun owners to conclude that Schnucks remains a corporation with anti-gun sentiments, and remains a threat to oppose the rights of lawful gun owners in future battles. Thus, Schucks remains on our "Do Not Patronize" list. It hardly makes sense to give them money just to see it turned against us.

When Schucks donates $25,000 to a bona fide pro-gun organization and makes a statement that in the future gun owners need not fear that Schucks will actively oppose their interests, Schucks will be removed from our "Do Not Patronize" list.

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