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Section Three

Permitted Weapons

This section will look at what weapons are allowed to be carried concealed on or about an individual issued a permit within each particular state. The categories listed are according to the definitions found in the statutes of each particular state. It is presumed for the purposes of this study that a law requiring a smaller firearm would generally be considered a stricter law.

Points will be awarded as follows:


During the debate over passage of Proposition B, opponents contended that the definition for what constitutes a concealable firearm was too broad and would lead to permit holders carrying large firearms. "Proposition B would allow permit holders to conceal and carry any firearm with a barrel length of less than 16 inches. ... several semi-automatic assault pistols, known as "cop-killer guns" such as the TEC-9 and MAC-11 and Uzi pistol could be legally concealed and carried if Proposition B is passed."


Summary of Carry Weapons Allowed:

Arguments and Discussion:

Firearms, including small handguns, are bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to carry. This aggravation is only compounded IF a permit holder were to attempt to carry a large firearm. Plus the permit holder would experience the added difficulty in trying to conceal it.

Opponents concealed firearms laws routinely try to frighten the public with wild imagery of gang members carrying machineguns. Fortunately, the body of historical evidence from other states with personal defense laws shows the fears of opponents to be totally unfounded. While the definitions of what weapon(s) may be carried are generally broad, there have been no reports from the issuing authorities of the 31 states with right to carry laws where permit holders are attempting to carry hidden Uzis or TEC-9's or MAC-11's. Simply put, there is no factual basis for this argument against concealed firearms laws.


Proposition B is rated as the third strictest for Permit Weapons when compared to the provisions included in the other 30 states with right-to-carry concealed firearm laws.



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